industrial electrical services in Fresno, CA

Industrial Electrical Services We specialize in:

  • Power installation
  • Process controls installations
  • Panel installations
  • Control and safety controls
  • Lighting
  • Underground duct banks
  • SCADA Installation
  • PID controllers
  • Telemetry
  • Instrumentation
  • Power Monitoring

Industrial Electrical Construction & Maintenance Services

Industrial Electrical System Experts Serving Central California

Providing system integration, construction, installation, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial electrical systems throughout Central California.

Lighthouse Electrical is proud to provide our California Central Valley clients with experienced industrial electricians for all their industrial electrical service needs.

We work on projects both big and small. Lighthouse Electrical provides the service you need when you need it, whether you are building a new processing facility, require scheduled maintenance or retooling during a holiday shutdown, or need urgent assistance because an electrical problem has halted production.

Our industrial automation and control experts have hands-on experience in installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing electrical systems in a variety of industries, such as food, beverage, chemical, energy, textile processing and municipalities.

Contact Us for Electrical Services

Industrial Automation & Control Quick, correct installation. Our experts will ensure that your electrical system can handle your workload.

Scope Development We provide electrical expertise during the planning stages of a project to ensure that you meet your goals while meeting your budget and time constraints.

Electrical Engineering We work with the electrical engineers of your choice to provide you with an outstanding result. If you have not yet chosen an electrical engineer, we have partnered with Industrial Control and Design (ICAD) to provide a full range of electrical engineering services.

Construction We’ll keep your construction project on schedule and on budget.

Installation Our knowledgeable industrial electricians will make your plans a reality.

24x7x365 Service We’re available when and where you need us. Our industrial electricians are only a phone call away.