industrial electrical system contractor in Fresno, CA

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Industrial Electrical Systems

We keep your construction project on schedule and on budget.

Industrial and municipal clients throughout the California Central Valley trust Lighthouse Electrical to deliver a quality installation every time. We have the experience, certifications, specialized equipment and trained personnel required to successfully complete scopes of work involving electrical systems of all types in industrial projects.

Experience and Dedication

Lighthouse Electrical has built its reputation on quality, safety and on time completion of electrical and control systems in a huge variety of manufacturing, agricultural, chemical, food & beverage, energy and municipal projects. We do what it takes to install your system right. Our team works tirelessly to get your system installed quickly so that you keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Clear Communication

On each of our industrial electrical systems projects we communicate our progress clearly and often. We work closely with other trades to ensure that expectations are set early and production schedules are met.

Details Matter

At our core, we are detail-oriented. We understand that sometimes it takes extraordinary effort to get each part of the install just right, and we embrace this challenge.

We do our best work on every project, every time.